Yemen.. Militias escalate on the fronts of Marib, Hajjah and Taiz

The Yemeni legitimate forces announced that they had thwarted attacks launched by the terrorist Houthi militia, today, Friday, in the Al-Ramli and Al-Jabali axis, south of Marib, noting in a statement on "Twitter" that the forces had thwarted large-scale Houthi attacks south of Marib since yesterday evening and early Friday.

She explained that the militias did not abide by the truce declared by the Arab coalition, and continued their attacks on southern Marib, using various types of weapons, which prompted the forces to confront them and inflict heavy losses on them.

And confirmed that the army's defenses had dropped a booby-trapped drone launched by the militias towards the army's positions in the vicinity of "Umm Reish" camp, south of Marib.

While the Chief of Staff of the Yemeni army, Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, indicated the commitment of the Yemeni forces and tribes to the ceasefire, he confirmed the continued violations of the Houthis and their attacks on Marib, Hajjah and Taiz.

For its part, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen affirmed its commitment to stopping hostilities inside Yemen in response to the request of the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, denying the implementation of any operations inside Yemen since the ceasefire came into effect at dawn last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, local sources in Marib confirmed that the militias sent large reinforcements during the past two days to the western, southern and northwestern fronts of Marib, including tanks and armored vehicles, and they created new positions in the districts of Raghwan, Mudaghl, Sirwah and al-Juba.

The sources indicated that the militias transferred weapons to warehouses established in those directorates, including drones, ballistic missiles, and various ammunition, pointing out that Houthi reinforcements were stationed in the vicinity of Al-Mashjah and Al-Kasara in Sirwah, Al-Alam in Raghwan, Al-Jadaan and the vicinity of Mehzam Mas in Madghul, and in Wadi Dhanna. East of Juba.

In Hodeidah, informed sources confirmed that the Houthis received a shipment of new weapons through the port of Hodeidah, including ballistic missiles, thermal missiles, Brezhnev snipers, communications equipment and 22 ambulances, which were transferred to Sanaa and Saada.

In Taiz, sporadic confrontations continued between the two sides at dawn today, on the fronts east of the city, and the Al Shaqab front east of Sabr, according to field sources, confirming the continuation of the exchange of artillery and machine guns between the two sides on the "Kilaba and Al-Safa" fronts east of the city, which left dead and wounded among the ranks of the city. Houthis.

In Sanaa, the Houthi leader, Brigadier General Hussein Ahmed Al-Adra'i, was killed, along with four of his companions, in an attack by gunmen while his vehicle was passing on the "Jidr" road east of Sanaa airport, north of the capital.

A source close to the Houthis expected the operation to be within the framework of the liquidations taking place in the ranks of the group, in light of the continuing conflict between the Houthis belonging to the governorate of Saada, and their counterparts belonging to Sanaa, Dhamar and Amran.

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