Judith Rakers can no longer say when exactly the desire arose in her to grow vegetables herself.

One thing is certain: the Tagesschau spokeswoman has only just developed into a gardener.

In the past, she admits in her guide “Home farming – self-sufficiency without a green thumb”, not a single plant survived.

Today she recommends growing potatoes, even in a one-room apartment: “that archaic feeling when you dig in the ground at harvest time”.

Marie Diederich doesn't know where her deep desire to have her "own little farm" came from either: "He was just there for as long as I can remember." For her twelfth birthday, the blogger and YouTuber reports on the first pages of her The guide “Self-sufficiency – grow your own vegetables, cuddle with chickens, bite into homemade bread” appeared in early March when her parents finally gave her three goats.

He already knows, writes Stefan Mikus in the introduction to the book "Cooking without electricity - The emergency cookbook - The 50 best recipes for everyday life, camping and emergencies", published by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance and published six months ago: An average duration of 12.2 minutes of power outage “per connected consumer household” – that doesn't sound like much at first.

However, a power outage lasting several days is definitely conceivable.

If such a case occurred, affecting several federal states for a longer period of time, “the consequences would be the same”, Mikus quotes Bundestag printed paper 17/5672, “a national catastrophe”.

In February, the book industry magazine Börsenblatt presented "Cooking without electricity" in a weekly newsletter as the climber of the week in the guide bestseller list.

Marie Diederich's book entered sixth place here in mid-March.

In the current evaluation, the leap in the book by Judith Rakers is highlighted.

The books were all written at a time when the authors and their publishers probably wanted to offer help on how to deal with the consequences of climate change.

The current success of the titles will be related to Putin's war: a dark threat, the most concrete manifestation of which in this country are still energy prices.

"If I knew that the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today," Martin Luther is said to have said.

And when you're done with that, you can soundproof the chicken coop, ferment rainbow peppers, and cook Coco Tuna soup with spaghetti, potatoes, and two cans of fuel paste.