China News Service, April 1st. According to the WeChat public account of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, the NSW government has issued several warnings about severe weather (disaster) such as strong winds, heavy rains, huge waves, and floods, and related personnel in the potentially affected areas. Evacuation orders, etc. Affected by the low pressure system in the eastern part of Australia, severe weather such as strong winds and heavy rainfall will occur in parts of New South Wales. The maximum wind speed in some areas can reach 100 km/h, and the seaside waves can reach 5 meters high. The risk of secondary disasters such as landslides and debris flows increases.

  The Consulate General in Sydney reminds Chinese citizens in the consular area to pay attention to local weather changes, pay close attention to the relevant early warning information issued by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website and other official agencies, enhance safety awareness, and take effective safety precautions.

  1. Do not stay near construction sites or fences, do not shelter from the rain beside trees or utility poles, and stay away from falling wires or objects that may be charged.

  2. There are high winds and waves at the seaside, please stay away from the beach temporarily and avoid going out to sea or participating in marine activities.

  3. Minimize unnecessary travel and outdoor activities, and do not drive, ride or walk through waterlogged areas.

If you do have travel arrangements, please pay close attention to traffic and road conditions to avoid travel obstruction.

  Australian Police and Ambulance: 000, free translation on 131450.

  The emergency number for consular protection of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney is +61-2-95505519.

  The temporary consular protection hotline of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney is +61-478065008 (local time Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30, 14:00-17:00 local time, excluding holidays).

  The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center hotline 12308 (dial 0011-86-10-12308 or 59913991 in Australia), WeChat users can also use the mini program "Ministry of Foreign Affairs 12308" for one-click assistance.