A team of international organizations that promoted an evacuation plan using a bus on the evacuation route of the residents set up by the Russian side while many residents are left behind in Mariupol, a key point in eastern Ukraine where the Russian army is intensifying its offensive aiming for seizure. Has turned back, and evacuation support is still in a difficult state.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced a policy to shift the focus of military operations to eastern Ukraine, attacking Ukrainian military facilities in the east with missiles on April 1, and offensive to take full control of the siege Mariupol. I am strengthening.

With many residents left behind in Mariupol and growing concerns about the humanitarian crisis, the Russian Ministry of Defense established an evacuation route called the "Humanitarian Corridor" at the request of France and other countries. The meeting planned to use 54 buses, and the support team headed to the site.

However, the ICRC then issued a statement stating that the team had to turn back.

Regarding the "humanitarian corridor," the local governor of the eastern Donetsk Oblast criticized on the 1st that the Russian side did not keep the agreement, saying that "the relief supplies did not reach and it did not function practically."

The ICRC plans to aim for support activities again on the 2nd, but the evacuation of residents is still difficult.

On the other hand, regarding Kiev in the capital city of Kyiv, the British Ministry of Defense says that the Ukrainian side is moving to recapture the surrounding villages on the 1st, while "the area around Kiev is a continuous air strike and missile attack by Russian troops. Are exposed to. "

Regarding the ceasefire negotiations, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone meeting with Turkish President Erdogan, who acts as an intermediary with Ukraine, on the 1st, and President Erdogan reiterated the summit meeting between President Putin and President Zelensky. about it.

The ceasefire negotiations resumed online on the 1st, and the focus is on the Russian side's response to the new security framework proposed by the Ukrainian side as an alternative to abandoning NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization. increase.

However, Russia's delegation leader, Vladimir Medinsky, said on the 1st that "our Crimean and Donbus positions will not change," and the unilateral annexation of Southern Crimean and pro-Russian armed groups will have an impact. The gap between the two claims continues, such as emphasizing the willingness to not compromise on the sovereignty of eastern Ukraine.