Several countries have now released their vaccination rules so that more refugees can bring their pets.

According to Sandra Tigerlind, new needs and new crises have therefore arisen at the border crossings between Poland and Ukraine.

- Most people try to bring their animals due to relaxed rules.

If you are going to a refugee camp, some will accept animals, but only if you have a cage.

People have had cats in plastic bags and dogs in backpacks.

So it is food, medicine and cages that are needed for them to continue their lives when they cross the border.

This time we will also bring some toys for those animals that can still be animals.

Great need for help

On a daily basis, she runs a dog home in Orrefors and works as a dog psychologist.

As she sat at home watching updates on the war in Ukraine, she felt the need to help.

After research, she came into contact with a dog home and with the Polish national animal ambulance and according to Sandra, the need for help with pets at the border crossings is great.

- It is a very big need.

The organizations I work with go several times a week and sometimes several times a day and stand there at the border crossings and meet where people come by train and car, and where the need is great to get food for their animals.

Hear Sandra tell more in the clip about the horrible stories if she heard from inside Ukraine about how animals are also affected in the war.