• After the socks, here are the beers with the effigy of the presidential candidates.

  • The heads of 6 of the 12 candidates are printed "GTA" style on lager bottles.

  • The northerner at the initiative of the project intends to finance his professional retraining as a brewer thanks to the amount of sales.

Presidential vintage.

After the socks with the effigy of the candidates for the presidential election, the heads of pretenders to the Elysée are now displayed on beer labels.

At the origin of this initiative, Stanislas Petit, a Lille resident who intends to finance his professional retraining as a brewer with the income from the sales of his beers.

Failing to mobilize the crowds, the 2022 presidential election campaign inspires entrepreneurs who, for some, see it as an interesting opportunity.

This is the case of Stanislas Petit, a 29-year-old from Lille.

“I decided to leave my trade in order to retrain and become a brewer.

After my apprenticeship, I plan to open my micro-brewery, but I need funds to buy equipment,” he explains.

Candidates look like in GTA

His idea of ​​sticking the heads of candidates on beer bottles started out as a joke: “At each election, we see derivative products bearing the image of candidates or parties come out.

With friends, we thought it would be fun to do the same with a beer,” he recalls.

Nevertheless, the Lille resident was not content to stick the photo of each applicant at the Elysée.

He wanted to stand out by using a somewhat particular style that video game enthusiasts will easily recognize: “We did that on the GTA style.

This corresponds well to the somewhat sulphurous side of a presidential campaign.

Like the power struggle to take the place of the boss in this game”, continues the future brewer.

However, if the images have been retouched to stick to the "GTA" atmosphere, they are not montages.

Our 2022 presidential file

The beer is an artisanal blonde, a kind of pale ale, like an IPA but less bitter.

“It was brewed at the Brasserie des lions, in Roncq.

I absolutely wanted a local product,” insists Stanislas Petit.

Via a presale campaign on Ulule, the latter intends to sell 200 packs of 6 to reach his goal and recover his costs.

The best thing for him would be to sell more and free up funds to buy the equipment needed to develop his own micro-brewery.


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