At the Liberal Democratic Party's faction meetings held on the 31st over emergency measures in light of rising prices due to the situation in Ukraine, there were a number of opinions that the reserve fund of the new fiscal year budget should be utilized and prompt response should be taken. rice field.

Liberal Democratic Party Deputy Governor Aso said, "Prime Minister Kishida has given instructions for emergency measures in response to high prices and high crude oil prices, but it is most important to take prompt measures. I would like to ask for agile measures that utilize reserve funds." Said.

Endo, the chairman of the Election Countermeasures Committee, said, "I am very worried that the prices of food and daily necessities will continue to rise in addition to the high price of crude oil. I would like to continue to reflect the discussions within. "

On the other hand, the chairman of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives, Komeito, said that the Komeito needs to formulate a supplementary budget and pass it in the current Diet. Will be tough. "

In addition, former Prime Minister Abe said that the Bank of Japan is taking measures to buy a large amount of government bonds in order to curb the rise in long-term interest rates. I would like to support President Kuroda's policy without any mistakes. I think it is the right direction to support people's lives with financial policies for high prices. "

Representative Komeito Yamaguchi “Preparing a supplementary budget plan to be approved within the current Diet session”

Komeito representative Yamaguchi said at the party's House of Councilors general meeting, "We should formulate a supplementary budget and plan to enact it within the current session of the Diet. If spending needs grow significantly during the period, the financial resources will be insufficient and the government will be responsible. I would like the government and the ruling party to draw appropriate conclusions. "