China's manufacturing industry sentiment index for the first time in five months is 50, which is a turning point in economic judgment due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus in various parts of the country and the influence of the situation in Ukraine. It fell below.

According to the Manufacturing PMI = Purchasing Managers' Business Confidence Index, which is surveyed by the National Bureau of Statistics of China for 3,000 manufacturing companies, this month's index was 49.5, 0.7 points lower than last month.

It is the first time in five months since October last year that the index has fallen below "50", which is a turning point for judging whether the economy is good or bad.

This is because the infection of the new coronavirus has spread in various parts of the country, some companies have stopped the operation of factories and reduced production, and some companies have ordered for export due to the situation in Ukraine. The main factors were the decrease and the rise in international raw material prices.

In addition, this month's business sentiment index for non-manufacturing industries such as lodging and eating and drinking fell 3.2 points from last month due to the effects of the spread of infection, and reached 48.4, the first milestone in seven months since August last year. It was below 50 ".

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, "The factors of instability in international politics are increasing remarkably. The spread of infection has caused labor shortages and delays in logistics, and the domestic economic level is declining." The situation in Ukraine is a burden on the Chinese economy, which continues to slow down.