Refusing "a France which promises austerity, savings", he affirmed his difference vis-à-vis Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI), in particular on nuclear power, which he defends, secularism and security.

The France of "good pay" and purchasing power

- Smic at 1,500 euros net

- Increase in civil service salaries by 30%

- Make equal pay effective in "six months in the public services and in one year in the private sector"

- 32-hour work week

- Moratorium on social plans and layoffs in progress

- Return from retirement at age 60, with full board

- Minimum pension for retirees at 1,200 euros net

The communist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel at a meeting in Toulouse on March 27, 2022 Valentine CHAPUIS AFP / Archives

- Prohibition of seizures and evictions, and water and energy cuts

- Control of public aid to companies

Education/youth, the "great national cause"

- 90,000 recruitments to reduce the number of staff per class

- Homework at school and not at home

- Ten billion euros for a balanced one-euro meal in school canteens

- Removal of ParcourSup and construction of four new universities

- Student income of at least 850 euros per month

- Minimum wage at minimum wage for work-study students

- Opening of the RSA to people under 25

- Paid qualifying training for each young person out of work

- Free driving license and urban public transport and TER for under 25s

Fabien Roussel AFP

"A new model of development":

- 140 billion plan for jobs and the climate

- Energy mix with massive investments in renewable energies and nuclear, for a "carbon-free France in 2050"

- Blocking of relocations

- Reopening of small SNCF lines and free urban public transport

- Construction of 200,000 social housing units/year and energy renovation of 700,000 housing units/year

- Lower taxes on electricity and gas

- Orientation and agricultural programming law for "remunerative prices for peasant labour"


- Creation of 100,000 jobs in the public hospital and 12,000 places for medical students/year

- Repeal of the "public hospital liberalization laws" and abolition of fee overruns

Communist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel speaks during a debate organized by the FHF on March 17, 2022 in Paris EMMANUEL DUNAND AFP / Archives

- Creation of a public center for the production and distribution of medicine

- Guide the installation of doctors in rural areas and in dense urban areas

- A local public hospital less than 30 minutes from each living area

- 300,000 nursing home jobs in 3 years and 100,000 home helpers

- Creation of a public service for old age


- Tripling of wealth tax

- Renationalization of EDF, Engie, SNCF, France Telecom and La Poste

- New corporate tax, penalizing companies that speculate and relocate


- Recruitment of 30,000 police officers

- Overhaul of the organization of the police force

- Double the justice budget over 5 years

- One billion euros against gender-based and sexual violence


- Grant the National Assembly the right to swear in the Prime Minister

- Right of petition allowing 500,000 citizens to have a text placed on the Parliament's agenda

- Repeal of article 49-3 of the Constitution

- Foreigners' right to vote in local and European elections


- Bone tests prohibited for unaccompanied minors

- Regularization of working undocumented workers


- Exit of France from NATO

- calling into question the free trade agreements

- Signature of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

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