Six years ago, the first trial of a Chilean man accused of murder was held in a case where a Japanese female college student who was studying abroad in France was lost, and the man denied the charges. , Insisted on innocence.

In this case, Aiumi Kurosaki, a student at the University of Tsukuba, disappeared in Besancon, eastern France, where she studied abroad in 2016. I have been asked.

Cepeda said in a court in Besancon on the 29th, "I haven't killed Aiumi. I'll do my best to deny all the charges. I hope the trial will bring the truth." He denied the charges and pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution believes that the night before Mr. Kurosaki went missing, he ate at a restaurant with Cepeda and disappeared after returning to the dormitory where he lived, but Mr. Kurosaki's whereabouts are now. I still don't know.

French law enforcement officials made international arrangements for Sepeda on suspicion of murder based on circumstantial evidence, and Sepeda was charged after being handed over in July by Chilean authorities who had returned home shortly after the incident.

The hearing will continue and the decision will be handed down on the 12th of next month.