The operation brought together 230 police and gendarmes, reports

La Montagne


A travel camp in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme) was raided yesterday.

An intervention that followed an ambush a few days ago.

That evening, three officials from the central police station in Clermont-Ferrand had come under fire from hunting weapons while they were present to secure an intervention by the firefighters.

They had been slightly injured and had filed a complaint.

As soon as they arrived, the police received stones from inside the camp and were forced to respond with tear gas canisters.

A hundred rounds of ammunition and two revolvers

Yesterday, the police came in large numbers.

If a policeman was slightly injured, explains the regional daily, fifteen people were still arrested and taken into custody, including two young men suspected of having fired on the police the previous week.

About fifty hunting weapons (undeclared) were seized, "as well as a hundred ammunition and two revolvers",

La Montagne

list .

As well as 23 kg of herbal cannabis.

Miscellaneous facts

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Miscellaneous facts

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