▲ Last December, The Mincho Workshop

It was pointed out that there is no answer if you are trapped in the frame that you fought well even though you lost in the presidential election evaluation debate of the Democratic Party's first-elected lawmakers.

'The Mincho', a meeting of the Democratic Party's first-elected lawmakers, held a debate on the evaluation of the presidential election at the National Assembly on the morning of the 30th.

Storydot CEO Yoo Seung-chan, who was the presenter, asked why the Democratic Party exists, saying that this election was a landslide loss by 0.7 percentage points in numerical terms, but a devastating defeat in value.

Representative Yoo said that the responsibility for the resurgence of the impeachment force rests with the Democratic Party and the Moon Jae-in government and should not be trapped in the so-called 'lose and lose' frame.

In particular, President Yoo mentioned the lack of strategy and the lack of the Democratic Party's character as a result of the loss of the presidential election.

He noted that unfounded optimism prevailed throughout the election and that the strategy was difficult to maintain, and he tended to go all-in on the negatives.

In particular, he criticized the response of basic income and anti-feminism in the Daejang-dong incident.

President Yoo emphasized that the Democratic Party's image of moral responsibility, commitment to the community, and liberalism has been replaced by a frame of vested interests, incompetence and incompetence. I did.

(Photo = Yonhap News)