The golden and blue WhatsApp applications have spread in some Arab and some Asian countries, and the two applications claim that they are a better version of the original WhatsApp application owned by Meta.

But what is the truth of these two applications?

Are they suitable alternatives to the original application?

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold has spread very quickly because of the many features and features it offers, such as hiding that you are “online,” hiding the “audio clip being recorded” notification, the ability to send a very large group of photos at once, and other features.

WhatsApp Gold first hit the headlines in 2016 when users started receiving messages about the app.

Users received a message saying, "The gold version of WhatsApp has finally been leaked, and this version is used only by senior celebrities. Now you can use it too."

Previous hoaxes have included promises of free flights, and messages designed to trick people into thinking their phone number is about to change unless they download the app.

How to download WhatsApp Gold?

Previously, smartphone users received text messages about the application and included a link to download it;

It was not present on well-known application stores such as the Apple store and Google Play, which confirms that this application is not safe and has not been approved by well-known application stores.

Features claimed by the WhatsApp Gold application

Here is what you need to know about the advertised WhatsApp Gold features, to entice users to download it.

Invitation feature:

The WhatsApp Gold application is available to users by invitation only, that is, you can not install and use it unless you receive an invitation, but this is not safe, as the download link may be harmful and full of viruses.

Celebrity Feature:

With WhatsApp Gold, you can chat with your favorite celebrities, but this claim is not true, and many users are deceived after downloading the app.

100+ Images Feature:

If you remember the popular WhatsApp + which went viral, WhatsApp Gold claims to give you similar features, where you can change themes and send 100 images at the same time, and best of all you can Make video calls.

Hide audio clip recording feature:

WhatsApp Gold services do not stop at text messages only, but extend to include text messages and audio clips.

Hide the caller now feature:

One of the alleged features of the WhatsApp Gold application is to hide the feature that you are “online.” Once this feature is activated that WhatsApp Gold provides us, none of the friends - other than the contacts - will be able to know if you are using WhatsApp now or not, as well as When you activate this feature, it will hide your last seen on WhatsApp.

Hide the read and receive marks feature:

The feature to hide that messages have been delivered (the correct mark) in the WhatsApp Gold application, through which you will determine who can know that your phone is connected to the Internet.

The feature of disconnecting the Internet from the WhatsApp application only:

After opening the WhatsApp Gold application, a window will appear for you to cut the Internet from WhatsApp Gold only without affecting the connection of other applications to the Internet.

The danger of downloading the WhatsApp Gold application

Downloading WhatsApp Gold can cause you to fall victim to hackers or the possibility of downloading malware that could leak your important data or harm your device.

This software can also be a loophole in your device that other programs can exploit to steal money or even hack the contact information on your device.

Downloading the WhatsApp Gold application may lead to you falling victim to hackers or the possibility of malware (Al Jazeera)

blue whatsapp app

As with the golden WhatsApp application, the newly appeared blue WhatsApp follows the same method. The application is not available on the Google and Apple application stores, and there are many suspicious pages that promote it as a developed part of the original application owned by Meta.

The difference between WhatsApp blue and gold?

The difference between WhatsApp Blue and Gold is that WhatsApp Gold does not require canceling the original WhatsApp application in order to be downloaded, while it is not possible to download WhatsApp Blue if the original WhatsApp application exists.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Blue?

According to the advertisements that accompanied the application on the Internet, the features they talked about are similar to the features of the WhatsApp Gold application.

Even the flaws of the two apps are the same, because the two apps are out of the app stores and they don't get the security updates that should be in trusted apps.

The biggest drawback of the blue WhatsApp, is the need to cancel the trusted WhatsApp application, so that you can download and use it, and thus the user loses the ability to use the original application.