The investigation into this harassment did not fold.

Monday afternoon, a 29-year-old woman went to the central police station in Toulouse to file a complaint for harassment against a young person she knew.

The case is painful.

The suspect grew up until his majority in the same household as the complainant, whose parents were foster parents.

From a police source, she considered him "an adopted brother", and that is why she had agreed to take him in to get him out of a new mess.

But in mid-December, after a few months of cohabitation and several disappearances of objects, she resolved to kick him out.

And the nightmare began.

Since then, he followed her everywhere, even to her work, not hesitating on occasion to threaten her with death.

For proof of the veracity of the story of the young woman, the police only had to pass the door of the police station.

He had followed her again and was standing there, outside, near the subway exit.

Immediately arrested, the 25-year-old suspect, already known to the police, was still in custody on Tuesday.


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