Loyal guests set a historical record within 3 days

The glorious scene at the "Expo Dubai" .. 22,937,830 visits

  • Last week was the busiest week of the six-month international event.

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In a beautiful way, and in a practical translation of his fans' love for him, "Expo 2020 Dubai" recorded more than one million visits, during three days (last Friday, Saturday and Sunday), as the international exhibition witnessed an unparalleled turnout that translates the great appreciation of this international event on the land of the Emirates.

The global event expected more audiences to flock to the site today and tomorrow;

To be part of the final and fun event at the fair, Expo Dubai prepares its guests for an unforgettable closing ceremony, with fireworks, air shows, and world-class performers.

Last weekend, the "Expo Dubai" drew everyone's attention, to be the focus of attention far and wide, as it was classified as the busiest week during the period of holding the international event, which extended over a period of six months, which pushed the total number of visits to 22,937.830 million visits. .

According to the administration of "Expo Dubai", recording this record number of visits, to date, gives indications that the first international event of its kind in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region, is about to fulfill its commitment to attract between 22.9 and 25.4 million visits, which is What was specified in the registration file officially approved by the member states of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in 2015, which is a global achievement added to the record of the achievements of the United Arab Emirates, especially in light of the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic. Dubai” (tomorrow) is historic, as the exhibition welcomes the Emirates Air Force and Air Defense team again, to present a magical air show, before reaching its climax in an unforgettable atmosphere, through performances by international music stars Christina Aguilera and Nora John, and Yoyo Ma.

The International String Ensemble "World String Expo 2020", and the talented Italian pianist, Eleonora Constantini, also performs on stage.

Visitors will be able to watch these shows on more than 20 huge screens distributed throughout the site, including the Jubilee Stage, Dubai Millennium Theatre, the Festival Garden, and a variety of country pavilions.

The closing ceremony of the international event will witness the handing over of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Commissioner-General of Expo 2020 Dubai, the flag of the BIE to the President of the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions, Ambassador Jay Chul Choi, and the Secretary-General of the International Bureau of Exhibitions. Dimitri Kirkentzes, who will present it to representatives of Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai-Japan.

Before the international event concludes, the exhibition attracts more visitors wishing to participate in a package of events;

The most prominent of them is India's celebrations on the occasion of its National Day at the "Expo Dubai", which includes a concert by the famous Indian "playback" singer "Chan".

Sports events occupy the scene on the agenda of the various events hosted by "Expo 2020 Dubai", through an exhibition match between the team of the "Ibrahim Agreement" countries, against a team consisting of the most famous international football players, yesterday, at the Sports, Fitness and Wellness Center.

Today, the International Federation Triple Threat Championship will be organized, which will be held on the grounds of the Expo Sports Arena.


The list of festive events at Expo 2020 Dubai tomorrow includes surprises, offers and wide activities, moving between all parts of the site.

The closing festivities will continue throughout the night, with spectacular displays of fireworks, the last of which will be at three in the morning before Expo Dubai closes its entry gates for the last time.

• Between 22.9 and 25.4 million visits, the number set by "Expo Dubai" in the registration file officially approved by the member states of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in 2015.

The "Fursan Al Emarat Aerobatics" team of the Air Force and Air Defense will present an air show during the celebrations.

• International performances by stars during the closing, including Christina Aguilera, Nora John, and Yo-Yo Ma.

• "Expo Dubai" promised its guests an unforgettable closing party, with fireworks, air shows, and performers.

• 20 large screens distributed throughout the site, will broadcast the closing ceremonies tomorrow.