China News Service, March 29. According to Canada's "Sing Tao Daily", according to the regulations of the British Columbia provincial government, when primary and secondary school students return to school on Monday (28th), all staff and students will no longer be required to wear masks.

Some students expressed concern about this, and some parents asked their children to wear masks.

Some Chinese teachers said that "it's useless to worry", so they would not be worried about the policy.

  In an interview with a reporter from Sing Tao Daily, Richmond grade 11 high school student Hu said that although the authorities have lifted the school's mandatory mask order, she still chooses to continue wearing masks, and she believes that after two years of the epidemic, most students They are all used to wearing masks, so I believe that wearing masks after school starts on Monday (28th) will still be the choice of most students.

  She said that in addition to wearing a mask, she will continue to choose to stay outdoors as much as possible during meals, as she did last semester, and minimize contact with other classmates at other times, and will only stay with a few more familiar friends in a small area.

  Hu said frankly that although she has received two doses of the vaccine, there are still a small number of students in the school who have not yet been vaccinated, and now Omicron is still raging. The epidemic has rebounded, and she believes that now is not a good time to lift the mask order.

If it is found that the number of cases increases after the school starts, if the mask order is restarted later, it may make some people more disgusted. It is better to ease it first, for example, keep it for another year and then make a decision.

  The daughter and son of Ms. Zhao, a citizen of Richmond, are studying in the 8th grade and kindergarten respectively.

She said that despite receiving an email from the school saying that students can choose whether to wear masks after school starts, she will definitely ask her children to continue to wear them, because the epidemic is not over, and the virus still has a chance to spread without wearing masks.

  Ms. Zhao said that when the school had not yet mandated that teachers and students wear masks, her daughter saw that most of her classmates did not wear them. Out of peer pressure, she also took off the masks with her classmates, which made Ms. Zhao very worried.

She hopes her daughter will not "repeat the same mistakes" when the school lifts the mask order on Monday (28th).

Ms. Zhao said: "As a parent, I will definitely remind my child to wear a mask again and again, but in the end, I can only look at the child himself."

  When asked if she would provide her children with more protective masks, Ms. Zhao said that she also let her daughter wear a KN95 mask to school, but her daughter said she "couldn't breathe" after wearing it, so she could only wear a medical mask in the end .

  As for her son who is in kindergarten, Ms. Zhao said she is not worried, because the younger children are obedient, and the teacher will repeatedly remind them to wash their hands.

Every time she picked up her son from school before, she saw that his classmates were also wearing masks well.

"Execution seems to be better than that of middle school students," she said.

  Teacher Wang, who teaches in Delta, said that "worrying is useless." In fact, since the school started in September, due to the lack of space in the restaurant, she also allowed nearly 20 students to have lunch in her classroom. It is equivalent to not wearing a mask, so now the policy change is not too worrying."

  She said that since December last year, many friends around her have been "stricken" and infected with Omicron. Although each person has different symptoms, and some even have sequelae, they feel that everyone is not as nervous about contracting the epidemic as before.

She saw that some teachers in the school had changed back to cloth masks before the holiday to make breathing more comfortable.

  However, Ms. Wang said that she will still wear a KN95 mask after school starts, or add a layer of medical mask to the cloth mask.

On the one hand, it is for better anti-virus, and on the other hand, because wearing a mask for too long every day will cause her skin allergies, so she chooses KN95, which is not very close to the skin, or uses cloth as a part of the face that is close to the face. Floor.