Text / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Hua correspondent Li Chao

  After entering the "spring equinox" solar term, Lingnan also has spring rains and heavy humidity, and middle-aged and elderly people with knee arthritis have more frequent waist and leg pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that knee arthritis is "arthritis". This season is humid. In particular, it is necessary to learn to keep the knee joint warm, such as illuminating infrared rays.

When you do not go out to exercise, you can also exercise your muscles to protect your knee joint by sitting at home and stretching your "hoe and feet".

  In response to the "back to the south sky" in spring, the middle-aged and elderly people have knee pain attacks, Zhao Chuanxi, chief TCM physician of the Department of Orthopedics and Joints of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province, believes that warmth should be strengthened at this time. Bath, infrared radiation therapy and other methods to dispel wind and cold and eliminate paralysis.

  Many patients tend to take hot compresses to reduce swelling during the onset of osteoarthritis. For general swelling, heat compresses can promote blood circulation and reduce swelling quickly.

In fact, this sentence is half right, because the swelling of osteoarthritis is not a general swelling, but an inflammatory swelling, which is essentially the expansion of capillaries, and hot compresses will further expand the capillaries and further aggravate the inflammatory response.

Therefore, for the swelling caused by this inflammatory reaction, cold compresses should be used to shrink capillaries and relieve this local inflammatory congestion. Cold compresses will not cause "rheumatism".

  At the same time, Zhao Chuanxi also believes that the bones, muscles and tendons are connected together, and bone and joint pain is also closely related to insufficient muscle protection. Therefore, in order to protect the knee joint, self-cultivation, muscle training, and bone protection should be started as soon as possible.

Experts point out that on the one hand, we should reduce activities, especially not to overload the knee joint; on the other hand, we should do more exercises for the muscles of the knee joint. For example, the elderly can sit on a chair, straighten one leg, and make the instep 90° with the calf. , Take the "hoe and foot" posture for 1 minute. Doing this action often can improve muscle strength and achieve muscle strength balance, so as to protect the joints.

  In addition, you can also do more reverse exercises, such as stretching, leaning back, stretching, etc., while swimming, cycling and other sports can strengthen the strength of the muscles on the back of the calf and achieve the overall balance of muscle strength.