It started with collarbone osteoarthritis and pinching of a nerve twelve years ago and ever since, Anne-Li Roslin Olsson has lived with the problems.

In 2019, she received a shoulder prosthesis due to osteoarthritis, then she came to Halmstad with the help of the care guarantee. 

- It was quite straightforward to understand that something did not work, it jumps out of line all the time.

But then they could not help me, because I need a reverse prosthesis. 

Anne-Li Roslin Olsson is not the only one in Västra Götaland waiting.

Official statistics for 2020 that 43 percent in the queue waited for 90 days or more for an operation or a measure in specialist care.

According to the care guarantee, you must receive help within 90 days.  

Big differences - the neighboring county is the best in Sweden 

In 2020, Västra Götaland was in 12th place in Sweden's 21 regions when it comes to waiting times for specialist care.

57.2 percent received help within the 90 days of the care guarantee.

It can be compared with the neighboring county in the south: Halland.

There, 88.5 percent received specialist care within 90 days.

A figure that has been relatively quiet since 2011. Anne-Li Roslin Olsson has experience of Halland care.

When she got her shoulder joint for the first time, the operation was performed in Halland and then the wait was not as long at all.   

- That it should matter where you live is completely crazy. 

Got time in the end

A few weeks after SVT's visit, Anne-Li is informed that she has been given an appointment for surgery on the first of April.

- It feels fantastic.

But it is a reserve time so it can be canceled, she says.

In the clip above, you can hear what Anne-Li Roslin Olsson wants to say to politicians.