China News Service, March 27. According to the European Union of Italy, citing the European Union News Agency, on the 26th local time, the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) pointed out that during the period from August 24, 2021 to March 23, 2022, Italy’s cumulative 282,654 cases of secondary infection with Covid-19 were reported.

In addition, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that the reopening decree had been approved by the cabinet meeting.

  According to reports, the Italian National Institute of Health said that in the latest weekly epidemic notification, the number of new cases of new coronavirus infection in Italy has accounted for 3.4% of new infections.

  On the other hand, Italian Prime Minister Draghi confirmed to the media that the cabinet meeting has approved the reopening decree, which contains a timetable for easing the country's new crown epidemic prevention restrictions.

According to the decree, Italy will end the national health emergency on March 31, gradually relax epidemic prevention restrictions from early April to mid-June, stop wearing masks indoors on April 30, and terminate the green pass system on May 1.

  Draghi said that the Italian government's cabinet approved measures to lift almost all epidemic prevention restrictions.

The government's goal is to restore people's normal lives, restore normal social production and work order, and reopen the economy.

  Italian Health Minister Speranza said that the green pass will continue to be used until April 30, and then Italy's four-color epidemic prevention area restriction system will be stopped. Unvaccinated employees over 50 years old no longer need to be suspended without pay, but medical staff Compliance with vaccination regulations must continue until the end of the year.

  Under the cabinet-approved bill, the requirement for green passes for public transport will be lifted on April 1, when capacity limits such as sports venues will also be lifted.

  The report pointed out that despite the increase in the infection rate of the new crown virus in Italy in the past two weeks, the government continued to implement the plan to cancel the health and epidemic prevention measures.

  The Italian Ministry of Civil Protection reported on the 26th that there were 73,357 new confirmed cases of the new crown in the country and 118 deaths.