The country's politicians agree that 2 percent of GDP should be spent on strengthening the Swedish defense.

And the wish list is long.

- I also think we should take the chance to invest in a larger air defense and invest in a larger war organization.

I think we should have more conscripts.

I also think that the army should also have an investment.

It is not just about aviation and navy, says Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist.

The Minister of Defense also wants to see investments in new weapons.

- We have another submarine on delivery.

It is a very important weapon.

And long-range weapon systems that we do not have today.

M: May not be underfunded

The Moderates' party leader Ulf Kristersson emphasizes that the most important thing is to ensure that the investments are not underfunded.

- We have had a long list of defense decisions that have been paper products that have been grand ambitions but that have always landed in the money not enough.

L: 40-50 billion reasonable

The investment in defense is the largest that takes place after the Second World War.

The defense budget will be increased by 40 - 50 billion extra per year.

This can be compared with the police budget of just over 30 billion.

That is a perfectly reasonable reinforcement, says Liberal party leader Nyamko Sabuni.

- I think that everyone who follows what is happening in Ukraine feels great despair and asks themselves the question, what would it mean if Sweden had the same situation ?, says Sabuni.