(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The epidemic in mainland China is still in the critical stage

  China News Agency, Beijing, March 25th. Comprehensive news: China's National Health Commission announced on the 25th that there were 1,366 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 24th.

Among them, 65 imported cases and 1,301 local cases.

There were 3,622 new asymptomatic infections, including 133 imported cases and 3,489 local cases.

  As of 24:00 on the 24th, there are 26,892 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 4,638 deaths, and a total of 140,651 confirmed cases.

There are currently 1,182 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 17,161 confirmed cases and no deaths.

New local confirmed cases in mainland China, the lowest in the past 8 days, the epidemic is still in the critical stage

  On the 24th, there were 1,301 new local confirmed cases in mainland China, which fell below 2,000 for the first time in the past 4 days, and was the lowest in the past 8 days.

The new local confirmed cases on the day were distributed in 18 provinces, which was the least one day involving provinces in the past 11 days.

Among them, 1,110 cases were in Jilin Province, accounting for more than 80% of the total confirmed cases in Japan, followed by 27 cases in Shanghai, 25 cases in Tianjin, 24 cases in Hebei, 23 cases in Heilongjiang and Jiangxi, 17 cases in Fujian, 13 cases in Shandong, and 10 cases in Henan.

In addition, 9 provinces added single-digit additions.

  Compared with the previous day, the number of newly confirmed local cases dropped from 2,010 to 1,301, and the number of provinces involved dropped from 19 to 18.

Among them, Beijing, Jiangsu, and Sichuan, which all reported local confirmed cases on the 23rd, had zero new cases on the 24th, and Anhui and Guizhou, which did not report local confirmed cases on the 23rd, each added one case on the 24th.

  On the 24th, the number of new local asymptomatic infections exceeded 3,000 (3,489 cases), a new high this year.

Shanghai (1582 cases), Jilin (900 cases), Hebei (288 cases), Liaoning (180 cases), Fujian (153 cases), Shandong (140 cases) all exceeded 100 cases for 6 consecutive days.

Among them, Shanghai exceeded 1,000 cases for the first time, and Jilin, Hebei, and Liaoning also increased from the previous day.

  China's National Health Commission introduced on the 25th that from March 1st to 24th, a total of more than 56,000 local infections were reported in mainland China, affecting 28 provinces, and the epidemic is still in the critical stage.

Among them, the epidemic situation in Jilin Province is still at a high level, and the epidemic situation in Shanghai, Hebei, Fujian, and Liaoning has grown rapidly in recent days, and the risk of community transmission in the places where the epidemic occurred continues to exist.

The epidemic situation in Qingdao, Weihai, Zibo in Shandong, Shenzhen and Dongguan in Guangdong has been initially controlled, and the epidemic situation in Beijing, Chongqing, Zhejiang and other places has stabilized.

 Zhang Wenhong analyzes the current situation of the epidemic in Shanghai and the turning point

  The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported that on the 24th, Shanghai added 29 local confirmed cases and 1,580 asymptomatic infections (compared with the data of the National Health Commission, 2 new cases of asymptomatic infections were confirmed in the data released by Shanghai).

From the 17th to the 24th, the number of local asymptomatic infections in Shanghai has increased for 8 consecutive days.

  Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Shanghai Huashan Hospital, said on the 25th that the outbreak of the virus in Shanghai, Omicron BA.2, is about 3 times to 5 times that of the early new coronavirus, and the incubation period between generations is also shortened.

If 1 person is infected, 1000 people can be infected in 10 days, which is called an exponential rise.

If no effective prevention and control measures are taken, the number of infected people in Shanghai will be at least tens of thousands in the half month from March 10 to 25.

  Zhang Wenhong said that the strategy adopted by Shanghai is not to close the city, but to continuously conduct rolling screening to interrupt the exponentially rising spread.

At present, the number of cases in non-controlled areas in Shanghai continues to decline. Once the proportion of cases screened in non-controlled areas continues to decrease, the inflection point will soon come.

  Nanping City, Fujian Province reported on the 25th that 2 positive people were found in the city, both of whom were close contacts of a case in Jiangxi Province.

So far, in the current round of the epidemic, all 9 cities in Fujian Province have locally infected people, of which Quanzhou is the most severely affected area in the province.

  According to the Fujian Provincial Health and Health Commission, from March 13 to 24, the province has reported a total of 1,095 local confirmed cases, and 1,019 local asymptomatic infections are still under observation.

  Jilin epidemic is still running at a high level, Shenyang epidemic still has the risk of social transmission

  Jilin Province added 1,110 new local confirmed cases on the 24th, more than 1,000 cases for 8 consecutive days; 900 new local asymptomatic infections.

This round of epidemic Jilin Province has reported more than 29,000 local infections.

  According to official reports, as of 24:00 on the 24th, nearly 200,000 people in Jilin Province had been quarantined in close and sub-close contacts during the outbreak.

Due to the large base of infected people in the early stage, although Jilin Province has suppressed the development of the epidemic, the epidemic is still running at a high level, and the epidemics in Jilin and Changchun are in a stage of continuous development.

  As of 24:00 on the 24th, there are 458 local confirmed cases in Liaoning Province and 1093 local asymptomatic infections still under quarantine observation.

  Shenyang City is one of the key areas of this round of epidemic in Liaoning Province. On the 24th, 3 new local confirmed cases and 95 asymptomatic infections were added.

It is worth noting that 10 of the above cases were found in non-controlled social groups, suggesting that the Shenyang epidemic still has a risk of social transmission.

  According to a report from the Harbin Municipal Health and Health Commission, the city added 23 local confirmed cases and 12 asymptomatic infections on the 24th.

The above cases were all found in the screening of isolation control personnel, and social transmission has been effectively blocked.

Langfang continues to implement global lockdown management, Shandong consolidates the positive trend of the epidemic

  As of 24:00 on the 24th, there are 344 local confirmed cases in Hebei Province, and 2952 local asymptomatic infections are still under medical observation.

Most of the infected people in this round of epidemic in Hebei Province are in Langfang City, but Tangshan City has an obvious upward trend recently.

  Langfang City announced on the 25th that the city added 23 local confirmed cases and 229 asymptomatic infections on the 24th.

The newly added positive areas are still concentrated in Anci District and Bazhou City, and there is no spillover or spread to the surrounding area.

However, according to the research and judgment of provincial and municipal experts, combined with the current development of the epidemic situation, Langfang City still needs to continue to strictly implement the global closure and control measures to fully understand the bottom line.

  Shandong Province added 10 local confirmed cases and 140 asymptomatic infections on the 24th, mainly in Binzhou City.

As of 24:00 on the 24th, there are 839 local confirmed cases and 2,387 local asymptomatic infections in Shandong Province.

  Shandong Province officials said on the 25th that at present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shandong Province has been further consolidated.

Recently, the number of newly infected people in Binzhou City, the most severely affected city in the province, has dropped for 5 consecutive days, and the social situation has been dynamically cleared for 3 consecutive days.

Previously, the other 9 cities in Shandong have achieved social dynamic clearing.