The 27 act in the face of the Ukrainian conflict.

Meeting in Brussels, European countries decreed several measures this Friday.

The first concerns the energy crisis: the European Commission has received a mandate from EU member countries to make grouped gas purchases, which will be "the best instrument to bring down the price" of this energy, the President announced on Friday. French Emmanuel Macron.

"Group purchasing, the ability to define long-term contracts together, is the best instrument for bringing down the price of our gas and therefore we have given the Commission a mandate to do so", on the model of group purchases of anti-inflammatory vaccines. -Covid, he said, as the war in Ukraine drives up energy prices.

Fight against food shortages

The 27 also announced on Friday the launch of an EU initiative to alleviate food shortages caused by the war in Ukraine, "Europe's breadbasket", in the most affected countries.

Inspired by the Covax international program for the distribution of anti-Covid vaccines, this program, called "Farm", aims in particular to increase transparency on world stocks, to ensure supplies to the countries most at risk and to encourage production in fragile regions. , according to the conclusions of the EU summit.


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