Climate marches resume in Sweden after Covid-19 shutdown

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A climate march in Stockholm, Sweden, March 25, 2022. © Paul Wennerholm/TT/AP

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Climate marches were organized this Friday around the world, and in particular in Sweden, from where this movement started in 2018, with Greta Thunberg and her Fridays for Future network.


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With our correspondent in Stockholm,

Frédéric Faux

Empty words, and even more speeches, will not save the climate… After the Covid-19, the demonstrations for the climate made their big comeback in Stockholm, with Greta Thunberg.

Several thousand people marched through the streets of the Swedish capital to try to put this subject back in the spotlight.

Not easy, with a pandemic that has affected the whole world, and a war that is stunning Europe.

But Alda and Fabian, two high school students who have been involved since day one, want to believe it: “

 We must deal with all these crises together, we must not favor one or the other.

Climate, pandemic and war are connected.

Similarly, pandemics become more frequent when nature is encroached upon and disturbed.


Greta Thunberg still involved on the national scene

If Greta Thunberg is less present on the international scene, she remains very active in her country.

The young activist, now 19, still calls for strong action in favor of the climate and the environment.

In particular, she has just harshly criticized the Swedish government, which has just given the green light to the exploitation of a major iron mine in the north of the country.

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