• The Supreme Court rejects Trump's request to hide the data of the assault on the Capitol

Former US President

Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton

and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Thursday for allegedly conspiring to create a "false narrative" during the 2016 election campaign in order to make the electorate believe that he had ties to


. .

According to the lawsuit, filed in federal court for the Southern District of




, the DNC fabricated an alleged collusion between the Republican campaign and


, prompting an "unfounded federal investigation."

The document considers that the defendants took advantage of access to "highly confidential data sources" and compared what happened to the

Watergate scandal

, a plot of political espionage to the Democratic Party in the 70s that ended with the resignation of the then president of the United States.




Trump's lawyers say the defendants tried to influence the "confidence" of the electorate and "worked together for a single selfish purpose: to vilify Donald J. Trump."

The lawsuit asks the judge to


"punitive damages, costs, and other relief this court deems just and appropriate."

"The plot was conceived, coordinated, and carried out by high-level officials in the Clinton campaign and the DNC," the court brief reads, noting that the "multi-pronged attack" sought to "publicly smear" Trump. instigating a media frenzy".

The defendants include several FBI figures, including its former director

James Comey

, as well as Clinton campaign manager

John Podesta , and President

Joe Biden


national security adviser

Jake Sullivan

, among others.

Also among the defendants is former British spy

Christopher Steele

, author of a report alleging that Moscow was linked to Trump's election campaign and that Russian secret services had sensitive material about the former president that could be used against him.

The federal investigation found no evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the election, but it did conclude that the Russian government ran a campaign to help Trump win the White House in 2016.

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