China News Agency, Moscow, March 24 (Reporter Tian Bing) The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 23rd saying that the Russian side sent a note to the US diplomatic corps in Russia on the same day, announcing the expulsion of US diplomats in Russia in response to the US expulsion from Russia. Diplomat of the Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Russian staff of the United Nations Secretariat.

  The statement stated that the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned a senior diplomat of the U.S. diplomatic corps in Russia on the same day and submitted to him a note containing a list of expelled U.S. diplomats who were listed by Russia as "undesirable." people”, in response to the U.S. expulsion of a diplomat from the Permanent Mission of Russia to the United Nations and a Russian staff member of the United Nations Secretariat.

The statement did not specify the number of U.S. diplomats to be deported.

  The statement also stated that the United States has been informed that any hostile actions by the United States against Russia will receive a decisive and adequate response.

  On February 28, the United States announced the expulsion of 12 members of Russia's permanent mission to the United Nations.

The U.S. alleges that the 12 people abused their residency privileges in the U.S. to engage in espionage activities that endanger U.S. national security.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Nebenja, expressed regret over the U.S. decision, saying that the U.S. once again grossly violated the agreement it reached with the United Nations on the UN headquarters and the Vienna Convention.

  Djarric, a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, confirmed on March 1 that the U.S. Permanent Mission to the United Nations notified the UN Secretariat on February 28 that the United States had decided to expel a Russian staff member there.