Janson says that it was a misunderstanding that was the basis for the authority to publish the news of Tegnell's new assignment on 9 March.

- It is a much longer process to get this clear than we thought.

It was a misunderstanding and we regret this, he says to Expressen.

The news received a lot of attention, both in Sweden and internationally.

Tegnell said that he was looking forward to the task and that he would start work as early as the following Monday, March 14.

- I have long had an interest in international issues and this was an issue you could not say no to, he told TV4: s Nyheterna.

But on Tuesday, Svenska Dagbladet revealed that the job does not yet exist.

- We have received an offer from Sweden that is still under discussion, said the spokesperson Fadela Chaib to SvD.

The message from Sweden has created surprise and confusion within the WHO in Geneva, the newspaper writes.

The Swedish Public Health Agency states that it is the WHO that has requested expert support and that after dialogue with the Government Offices, it has been decided to appoint Tegnell.

At the same time, according to the online newspaper The Geneva Observer, the Government Offices state that it "has no formal role in this", writes SvD.

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency's first statement, Tegnell had been appointed senior expert in a new group that will coordinate the work between the WHO, the UN Children's Fund Unicef ​​and the vaccine organization Gavi.