News from this newspaper (Reporter Ma Jing) Recently, the first batch of new crown antigen self-test kits were launched online and offline simultaneously. The reporter visited some physical pharmacies and learned that citizens need to show their ID cards for real-name registration when purchasing new crown antigen self-test kits offline. , and leave your phone number and address, you can buy up to 5 boxes at a time.

The COVID-19 antigen self-testing products belong to three types of medical devices, and the health treasure pop-up window will not appear after purchase. However, the staff of many pharmacies said that users need to leave their real identity information when purchasing, and they may conduct a follow-up telephone return visit.

  Walking into the Dahuitang Pharmacy near Qingnian Road subway station, the poster of "the first batch of new crown antigen self-test kits is launched" comes into view. The kits sold here are produced by Beijing Rejing Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the unit price is 24.8 yuan.

The specific operation steps are written on the kit, and consumers can also consult the staff in the store.

  The reporter noticed that there are four types of takeaway bags on the counter in this pharmacy. Consumers can purchase the self-testing agent for the new crown antigen in the store through the four online platforms of Meituan,, JD Daojia, and JD Pharma.

Online purchases also require real-name registration, and each person is limited to 5 boxes per day.

  "New crown antigen self-test products belong to three types of medical devices, mainly to facilitate home testing and play a role in self-screening." The pharmacy staff explained that it is different from purchasing the four types of drugs related to the epidemic, buying new crown antigen self-test kits There will not be a pop-up window for Health Treasure, "but if necessary, you should go to a regular medical institution for nucleic acid testing."

  According to the relevant person in charge of Wumart, since its Dahuitang pharmacy launched the first batch of new crown antigen self-testing agents, as of March 22, more than 500 boxes of self-testing agents have been sold, and consumers can buy them in 65 Dahuitang stores in Beijing. .

  Dingdang Kuaiyao has also launched the first batch of new crown antigen self-test reagents, which can be purchased in nearly 100 Dingdang smart pharmacies in Beijing.

The staff of Dingdang Smart Medicine Fangba Store said that if you buy offline, you need to manually register your ID number, mobile phone number and address, and the pharmacy needs to report the information, and someone may call back for a follow-up visit.

She suggested to place an order online and fill in personal information directly online.