China News Service, March 23. According to the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Natural Resources recently notified the investigation and handling of the issue of the resale of homesteads in Xiaohao Village, Xiapu County, Fujian Province, which was reported by the media in August last year.

The report pointed out that after investigation and verification by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Fujian Provincial Government, there are problems such as illegal land occupation and illegal construction in the new rural construction of Xiaohao Village. Selling to people outside the village and developing and operating, the lessons are very profound.

  The report pointed out that in March 2013, the Xiapu County Party Committee and the County Government listed Xiaohao Village as a pilot project for the construction of new rural areas. RMB 450,000 to 600,000 for single-family houses.

As of August 2021, a total of 129 homestead pre-selection agreements have been signed, and 121 households have actually been constructed, of which 60 households are constructed by local personnel (55 double-family houses and 5 single-family houses), and 61 non-village personnel are constructed (double-joint houses). 9 houses and 52 single-family houses).

In June 2016, the "Xiaoyaoju" operating health care project was introduced locally, occupying 16 homesteads that have not signed a pre-selection agreement and are planned to be combined.

In October 2018, the project was completed, with a total construction area of ​​16,100 square meters.

Among the people who obtained homesteads, 32 households were public officials or their relatives.

The new rural construction project in Xiaohao Village started construction without going through the application for land for homestead construction, approval for state-owned unused land, planning permission, and approval for the right to use the sea area.

At the same time, the project still has problems such as project bidding and irregular project fund management.

  At present, according to the "Land Management Law", "Fujian Province Rural Villagers' Housing Construction Management Measures" and other regulations, the collective land illegally sold to non-village personnel and used for the construction of commercial health care projects has been recovered from the village collective; 57 households (the village personnel 5 households, 52 non-village households) single-family houses that exceed the standard for rural homestead land in Fujian Province and the operating health care project "Xiaoyaoju" have been recovered by the local government, and the land has been restored to its original state after demolition. To live in vacant double-unit dwellings; 10 non-village households (1 unbuilt, 9 already built) involved in the double-unit residential land have been recovered from the village collective, and 9 already-built duplex residences have been vacated, the next step It will be arranged for the residents of the village who meet the conditions of "one household, one house"; 62 households (7 households have not been built, 55 households have been built). house”, etc., shall be classified and dealt with to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.

  After investigation, the issues reported by the media were led by the chief responsible person of the Xiapu County Party Committee and the county government at the time, and the towns and villages jointly organized and implemented them.

In addition to Wang Bin, the former secretary of the Xiapu County Party Committee, who has been investigated for criminal responsibility for other issues, Fujian Province has seriously investigated and held 23 responsible persons involved in accordance with discipline and regulations, including 5 provincial cadres, 7 municipal cadres, and county cadres 11 management cadres.

Clues of violations of laws and disciplines involving public officials and their relatives participating in the purchase of homesteads, project bidding, and irregular project fund management have been handed over to the discipline inspection and supervision organs for investigation and handling.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Natural Resources will, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, urge Fujian Province to actively and steadily promote the follow-up rectification work, learn lessons, draw inferences from others, strictly investigate and deal with such problems, strictly protect cultivated land, strengthen the management of homesteads, and further improve the rights and interests of homesteads. Ensure and obtain methods, strengthen the management of rural construction land, and establish and improve a long-term supervision mechanism.