Former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe warned the Macron camp on Wednesday against any excess of confidence in view of the presidential election, calling not to "hide behind the polls" whose "predictive value is zero".

"Despite polls that may appear flattering, we could divert Jean de La Fontaine and say that all the great pollsters live at the expense of those who listen to them", launched Mr. Philippe to the Nice activists, thus paraphrasing the fable of the

Raven and of the Fox


“Those who vote decide”

While Emmanuel Macron is given well ahead of the first round in all opinion polls, and winner of the second regardless of the configurations, "the predictive value of the polls is zero", insisted Mr. Philippe.

“If you hide behind the polls to reassure yourself, you hide behind a vacuum, an image that does not correspond to what will be tomorrow and suggests that it does not even correspond to today.

It is those who vote who decide, and not those who do, comment on or order the polls, ”he pleaded during a public meeting at the Nikaia Palace.

The risk of “arrogance”

Several executives of Mr. Macron's campaign are indeed expressing their fears of a demobilization of the electorate as the first round approaches, linked to a feeling that the ballot has already been won.

“People do not like arrogance, nor the results played in advance”, thus estimated in a small committee on Wednesday the ex-LR mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, now support of Mr. Macron.

“Because our political society is liquid, versatile, ultimately not very rooted”, listed Mr. Philippe, “our country is in a situation where political shifts can occur quickly.

In other words, nothing is played in this campaign, ”said the man who created his Horizons party, which forms the right wing of the majority.

He praises Macron's "boldness" and "experience"

In his speech, Mr. Philippe for a long time weaved laurels to Mr. Macron, declining three "characteristics" of the Head of State: "Exceeding, audacity and energy".

“The next term will be a difficult term, perhaps in many ways more difficult than the one that has just passed,” warned the man who occupied Matignon from 2017 to 2020.

“We want a president who has both the audacity of youth and the experience of the outgoing.

A president who counts in Europe but who knows and loves France.

A president who is backed by a large majority and a stable majority, ”said Mr. Philippe.


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