China News Service, Beijing, March 23 (Xie Yanbing and Zhang Su) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference on March 23.

  A reporter asked: The United States and its Western allies are evaluating whether Russia is suitable to stay in the G20.

Sources said that if Russia remains a member of the G20, it will be a weakening of the organization's functions.

What is China's position on the above-mentioned views? Do you think Russian President Vladimir Putin can continue to participate in the G20 summit to be held in Indonesia this year?

  Wang Wenbin: The G20 is the main forum for international economic cooperation, bringing together the world's major economies.

Russia is an important member and no member has the power to expel the membership of other countries.

  At present, the global anti-epidemic is at a critical stage. The recovery of the world economy is weak, and instability and uncertainty are increasing. Against this background, the G20 is leading the global fight against the epidemic, improving global economic governance, and promoting the stable recovery of the world economy. have important responsibilities.

The G20 should practice genuine multilateralism, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, and work together to address outstanding challenges in the fields of economy, finance and sustainable development, so as to make positive contributions to the realization of strong, green and healthy global development.

China supports the Indonesian presidency in promoting the G20 cooperation in various fields in accordance with the established agenda on the theme of common recovery and strong recovery.