Arthur de Laborde, edited by Laura Laplaud 3:45 p.m., March 23, 2022

Less than three weeks before the first round of the presidential election, the time has come for mobilization.

While Anne Hidalgo still does not exceed 2% of voting intentions in the polls, François Hollande came to support her.

A former President of the Republic who already sees himself again at the top of the poster for the post-presidential.

Tuesday evening, François Hollande came to support the socialist candidate during a meeting in Limoges bringing together 400 supporters.

Since the start of the presidential campaign, Anne Hidalgo has struggled to unite and still does not exceed 2% of voting intentions in the polls.

The former President of the Republic, who supports her, projects herself beyond the presidential election.

"I am faithful and loyal"

“We are proud to be here with you,” launched the candidate.

Anne Hidalgo and François Hollande are together on stage during a meeting, an important symbol for the mayor of Paris.

The former president came to give him clear support, he who until now had been absent from the campaign.

"I'm here because I'm faithful and loyal, especially when it's hard," he exclaimed.

"What would you have said if I had been silent or if I had hidden myself?"

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In a long speech in the manner of a candidate, François Hollande unrolled a program insisting on the consequences of the war in Ukraine, displaying his convictions on nuclear power, education, health or even the energy transition.


- Presidential: François Hollande supports Anne Hidalgo

The former head of state also made an appointment the day after the presidential election.

"An initiative will have to be taken the day after the ballot and before the legislative elections to rebuild the left. I will take my full part in it because it is the whole meaning of my life," he said.

A possible return to the sources is more and more assumed by his entourage.

François Hollande could be a legislative candidate.

He would have chosen the first constituency of Corrèze over which he reigned for 14 years.