Emmanuel Macron, the risk of a "minimum" presidential campaign

French President Emmanuel Macron, a candidate for re-election in the 2022 French presidential election, speaks during a news conference to unveil his presidential program at the Docks de Paris, in Aubervilliers near Paris, France, March 17 2022. REUTERS - PASCAL ROSSIGNOL

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Emmanuel Macron is campaigning

at a minimum.

Even if the polls follow and look alike, giving him the win each time, there is a risk in carrying out such a campaign, and his supporters fear a backlash in the legislative elections.


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Emmanuel Macron's campaign is reduced to the bare minimum.

The President of the Republic gives priority to the war in Ukraine, and this week, there are only three interviews in the media on his candidate's agenda.

Only one meeting is scheduled before the first round.

Officially, all of Emmanuel Macron's supporters brush aside criticism from the opposition, which is indignant at seeing an outgoing president who does not campaign.

A concern rises in the whispers

But behind the scenes, it's a different story... An early Macronist minister worries about the consequences of a campaign " 

without a candidate

 " and without a " 


 " effect when someone close to Emmanuel Macron regrets " 

the excitement of 2017

 " and notes the lack of risk-taking that he attributes to the war in Ukraine which does not leave the president enough " 

brain time

 " available to devote to the campaign.

Twelve candidates are in the running for the 2022 French presidential election. © FMM graphic studio

The danger that everyone identifies?

The demobilization and that the sympathizers do not go to vote while saying to themselves: " 

it is folded, it will pass by tacit renewal


Because the stake for Emmanuel Macron is the score of the first round and the reserves of votes for the second... and even the third round, that is to say the legislative elections.

A risk that a deputy does not minimize: “ 

We have to campaign otherwise we will take a backlash in the legislative elections


... © FMM Graphic Studio


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