She confirmed that winning the award will remain engraved in her memory

Emirati Fatima Al Ali, a volunteer who holds the "Heart of Expo"

With merit and competence, and among a long list of more than 135 nationalities, Emirati Fatima Al Ali succeeded in winning the “Heart of Expo” award, which was allocated by “Expo 2020 Dubai” to celebrate the best outstanding young volunteer experiences and in appreciation of her dedication to the success of the event.

On receiving the award, Fatima Al Ali said: "This pioneering step taken by the organizers is a culmination of the efforts of (Expo Dubai) volunteers of various nationalities, and in recognition of their contributions to the success of this global event."

She pointed out that the nomination of the winning names was based on the suggestions of the audience, who recorded their most successful experiences with the various volunteers, by suggesting the names of those who saw them as the best.

Fatima added: "More than 1,500 names were nominated for the award, and 50 winners of different nationalities and age groups were selected. During a ceremony held at the end of last month, they received the (Heart of Expo) shields."

Fatima confirmed that winning the "Heart of Expo" award will remain an achievement engraved in her memory.

Professionally, through which she was given the opportunity to interact with visitors and develop her skills, as well as on a human level. The Journey of Giving

With a determination to prepare herself for professional life after graduation and to overcome challenges, Emirati student Fatima Al Ali entered the volunteer experience at the “Dubai Expo”, stressing that she has multiple experiences in the field of volunteering, so she wanted to give by engaging in the experience of “Expo Dubai” volunteers enthusiastically since the opening Registration is open, and then begins the field work within 10 working days for each volunteer.

She said: "After passing the training stage, I was chosen to be part of the volunteer team in (site operations), to guide and direct visitors towards the exhibition pavilions and answer their various inquiries in order to help them navigate between the pavilions and discover the details and services of the event."

Pride and happiness

Describing her experience with visitors to the World Exhibition, Fatima Al Ali confirmed her pride in participating in this historic national event that is being held in the UAE, noting the value of this contribution, which she considered a national duty that required her to engage in it wholeheartedly.

Fatima pointed out that she was overjoyed to have the opportunity once again to serve the community in general.

She said: "The experience of daily coexistence with the elderly and people of determination, especially children, is the most beautiful thing I remember from the details of this human experience in which I enjoyed meeting them, talking to them and guiding them in a way that satisfies their curiosity and is consistent with their aspirations, and is consistent with my keenness to provide support to them."

Inherited culture

Fatima added: “The experience of volunteering began when I was 16 years old, and I inherited this culture from the family. In various places by registering in the (Volunteers.Emirates) program, which opens the doors to volunteering for young people periodically through activities and events held across the Emirates, attracting more people wishing to participate.”

UN missable day

Fatima Al Ali said: “I will never forget the day when I received an email from (Expo Dubai) telling me that I had been selected among the winners of the award. The news of her nomination as one of the best volunteer soldiers in the "Expo Dubai" will remain engraved in her memory.

• Fatima was part of the volunteer team in "Site Operations", to guide and direct the visitors of "Expo Dubai" towards the exhibition pavilions and answer their inquiries.

• 1500 volunteers were nominated for the award, 50 winners were selected.