China News Service, March 22 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) On the 22nd, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference.

Liang Wannian, head of the expert group of the National Health Commission's Leading Group for Epidemic Response and Disposal, said that there are currently three misunderstandings about the epidemic that are often ignored by people.

One is that the Omicron variant is considered mild, and some people call it the big flu.

Second, some countries in the world have relaxed or even lied down, thinking that they have done it, and we should follow suit.

Third, everyone often overlooks that the mutation of the new coronary pneumonia virus is a very important feature, and no one can guarantee that the Omicron strain is the last mutant strain.

He pointed out that it cannot be said that Omicron is a big flu now, and it is still harmful, especially for the huge 1.4 billion population.

At the same time, the concept of China's epidemic prevention and control is to strive to defeat the disease and reduce infection through active immunization and improvement of capacity.

In the previous rounds, the total number of infected people in my country was very small, which also balanced the epidemic prevention and control and social and economic development.

If you choose to lie flat, you must be in vain.

On March 22, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on the situation concerning the prevention and control of the epidemic in a strict and realistic manner.

Photo by Yuan Xiuyue