In Limoges (Haute-Vienne)

Appointment had been given in Limoges.

A former temple of municipal socialism for a century, in the heart of a Limousin with a deeply rooted red and pink tradition despite the municipal defeat of 2014. Not far from the stronghold of the former president, the setting was perfect for a meeting between Anne Hidalgo and Francois Hollande.

The two have already crossed paths since the start of the campaign: in Tulle, in the stronghold of the former president, in the fall, briefly.

Since then,

Le Monde

revealed a few days ago that François Hollande tried, between December and February, to mount a presidential candidacy, against a backdrop of rumors of "disconnection" of Anne Hidalgo by the PS.

It has not happened.

Seeing François Hollande and Anne Hidalgo on the same stage – who did not wait for this campaign to appreciate each other only moderately – was therefore an important symbol.

Especially since the last socialist president to date could very well have shown his support for his party's candidate more modestly.

“I am here because I am faithful and loyal, especially when it is difficult”, launched the former President of the Republic… And he gives pledges: “I know what I owe to the Socialist Party, to my family Politics.

(…) I am going to let you in on a secret: I still vote socialist.


Fire on Mélenchon

François Hollande, in a lively speech which clearly clashes in this dismal campaign, tackles at all costs.

Nicolas Sarkozy first, on the theme of loyalty to his camp: "What would we have said if I had been silent or had hidden myself... I leave that to others, rather to another who has not never been an example for me…” Emmanuel Macron, responsible for this “decomposing political life”.

And then a lot a lot to the rest of the left and especially Jean-Luc Mélenchon, defending the left of government as Anne Hidalgo has done since the start of her campaign.

“Today's incantations are tomorrow's capitulations,” says Hollande, without ever quoting the rebellious candidate “out of charity… socialist”.

On Ukraine ("Non-alignment is isolation combined with inaction"), on Europe ("They want an à la carte Europe. Only dessert and without paying the bill"), on the blocking of oil prices and on the exit from nuclear power, the former tenant of the Elysee Palace curries his former party comrade.

campaigning for him

Sometimes at the cost of scratching her evening candidate a little: “I too want to block the prices a little,” Anne Hidalgo recalled in her speech.

And she, too, wants to eventually get out of nuclear power.

In fact, François Hollande mainly supports François Hollande.

He gives an appointment the day after the presidential election and even before the June legislative elections, when an “initiative will have to be taken to rebuild the left of responsibility”.

He will take “all his part”, affirms the Corrézien.

The rumor even announces him as a candidate for the legislative elections in his former constituency, his entourage will of course not confirm anything on Tuesday evening in Limoges.

But the former president took everyone to witness in his speech.

“I think he is very angry with the PS of his last years for having deteriorated his balance sheet”,

François Hollande acts in what no one doubts, probably even in the meeting room: the socialist campaign will end on the evening of April 10.

But to see the former first secretary announce the renovation of the left the day after the election, we would almost forget that to date, in the polls, the PS is far behind rebellious France, behind EELV, even behind the PCF and barely ahead of the NPA.

And that if great renovation there must be, the socialists will be far from having the hand.

Perhaps even because – at least in part – of the memory of the Holland quinquennium… “Do you believe in it, you, in the 2%?

I can't believe it, ”says another elected official.

With François Hollande the Socialists at least give themselves the right to dream.


What if François Hollande presented himself in Corrèze for the legislative elections?


Anne Hidalgo denounces the "social violence" of the retirement project at 65

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