At the Philippine presidential election in May, the ruling party led by President Duterte nominated former Senator Ferdinand Marcos, the eldest son of the late President Marcos, as an official candidate.

Opinion polls show that Marcos, who is far behind the other candidates and is informed of his superiority, is expected to gain even more momentum.

In the Philippines, a total of 10 people are running for the presidential election in May when the incumbent President Duterte's term expires.

The ruling party, led by President Duterte, has not nominated an official candidate so far, but on the 22nd, he held a meeting and appealed for the continuation of the infrastructure investment policy that the president has been promoting. It has been revealed that a member of the Diet (64) has been nominated as an official candidate.

President Duterte, whose term has ended, has received high support from more than 70% of voters in the latest polls, so there was a lot of interest in which candidate the ruling party led by the president would approve.

Mr. Marcos, who is said to have an advantage over other candidates in the opinion poll of the presidential election by this official nomination, is expected to gain more momentum in the future.