• The trial of seven farmers and the Terra Fecundis company continues this Monday at the Nîmes criminal court.

  • Justice accuses them of resorting to concealed work, the employment of foreigners without authorization and unworthy accommodation conditions.

  • The public prosecutor requested a fine of 90,000 euros and a one-year suspended prison sentence against the seven farmers.

Seven farmers from the Gard and the company Terra Fecundis are prosecuted for concealed work before the criminal court of Nîmes.

For justice, the company that supplied the operators with many posted workers from Central and South America was outlawed.

“At the end of my recommendations, it was up to each defendant to verify whether the company which provided them with the workforce did not in fact exercise a stable, continuous and habitual economic activity in France.

Which seems to be the case of the company Terra Feccundis, which therefore had to establish itself regularly in France, pay social security contributions there and respect labor law, ”explained to the hearing the head of the Gard labor inspection service. .

Terra Fecundis, has already been heavily condemned in July by the criminal court of Marseille, as well as its leaders.

A judgment that has been appealed.

The company achieved nearly three-quarters of its turnover where it employed 7,000 posted workers.

According to the law, she should therefore have been registered in France and paid her social benefits there.

90,000 euros fine and one year suspended prison sentence required

The operators are suspected of having knowingly used the services of the Spanish company which provided them with seconded workers at low cost.

In addition to this recourse to concealed work, they are also prosecuted for employing foreigners without authorization and unworthy accommodation conditions.

On Friday, the public prosecutor of Nîmes requested penalties of 90,000 euros in fines and a one-year suspended sentence against the managers of these farms.

As well as a fine of 375,000 euros and a ban on practicing in France for 5 years.

The trial continues on Monday with the closing arguments of the defense lawyers.


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