On March 19, local time, several vehicles collided in a tunnel in the northwestern province of Bolu, injuring dozens of people.

  The accident occurred in the Bolu Mountain Tunnel in Bolu Province. A car hit the wall and stopped in the middle of the tunnel, collided with a truck, and then caused a rear-end collision with multiple vehicles. The accident affected 18 cars, trucks, semi-trailers and intercity vehicles. The passenger car caused traffic in the tunnel to be interrupted for a time.

  At least 30 people were injured in the accident.

Seventeen injured were taken to hospital, three of them in serious condition.

After the incident, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency, the General Directorate of Highway Administration, and the Fire Department dispatched personnel and vehicles to the scene to participate in the rescue.

(produced by Liu Peng)

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]