China News Agency, Tunxi, Anhui, March 20. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Algerian Foreign Minister Ramallah jointly met the press after their talks in Tunxi, Anhui on March 20.

He said that China and developing countries have reasonable concerns and similar positions on the current situation in Europe.

  A reporter asked, the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, the United States and Europe continue to increase the limit of sanctions against Russia, and China and developing countries have their own views and positions. There seems to be a vast "middle zone" at present.

  Wang Yi said in this regard, recently, I have exchanged views with foreign ministers of many Asian and African countries, and I feel that many countries in the world, like China, are highly concerned about the development of the crisis in Ukraine and have many common languages.

  He said, first of all, we all believe that the purposes and principles of the UN Charter should be followed, international disputes should be resolved through peaceful means, and the parties concerned should cease fire as soon as possible.

I agree with Foreign Minister Ramallah's point of view. When the U.N. General Assembly discussed the Ukraine issue, many countries from China and Afghanistan abstained from voting.

Abstaining from voting is also an attitude. It is to give peace a chance. It is not in favor of resolving disputes with war and sanctions. It is a responsible attitude.

At the same time, we all believe that the Ukraine issue is not accidental. It is the result of the combined effect of various factors and the outbreak of conflicts that have accumulated over the years. The root cause is the security issue in Europe.

In the long run, all European parties should follow the principle of indivisibility of security, respect each other's legitimate concerns, and build a balanced, effective and sustainable regional security architecture through dialogue and negotiation.

  Wang Yi emphasized that the evolution of the Ukraine crisis is surpassing itself, and the spillover effect is spreading to the world.

On this issue, most countries, including China and developing countries, have both legitimate concerns and similar positions:

  First, it is widely believed that in dealing with international and regional hotspot issues, there are not only two options, war and sanctions. Dialogue and negotiation are the fundamental solutions. Under the current situation, we should stick to this direction.

  Second, the momentum of world economic recovery should not be undermined.

In the context of the impact of the epidemic, the escalating unilateral sanctions will cause the rupture of the global industrial chain and supply chain, which will impact the lives of people in various countries.

The people of all countries are not responsible for paying the bills for geopolitical conflicts and great power games.

  Third, all countries have the right to decide their own foreign policies independently and should not be forced to choose sides.

When dealing with complex issues and different opinions, we should not adopt a simplistic approach of being either an enemy or a friend, or black and white. In particular, we must resist the Cold War mentality and opposing camp confrontation.

  Fourth, the sovereign independence and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected at all times.

This principle should apply to all countries and regions, and there should be no exceptions, let alone double standards.

  This time in Tunxi, Anhui, Wang Yi held talks with the foreign ministers of Zambia, Algeria and Tanzania.

Wang Yi said, we all agree that the current Ukrainian crisis has had a huge impact on the European situation and is spilling over to the world, but the world is very big and there are many problems. The African continent in particular should not be forgotten and should not be forgotten any more. To be marginalized, let alone be a victim.

  He emphasized that the more turbulent the international situation is, the more attention should be paid to the voice of African countries and the more support and assistance to Africa should be increased.

As a good brother of African countries, China will continue to stand with Africa, firmly support Africa in maintaining peace and security, firmly support Africa in achieving economic recovery, firmly support Africa in defending its legitimate rights and interests, and make due contributions to Africa's independence and sustainable development.