An unfair game?

This is what Emmanuel Macron's team denounces this Sunday about the rules to be respected on social networks for the president-candidate.

For a few days, in fact, Emmanuel Macron has been forced to delete messages relating to his presidential campaign broadcast on his official accounts as head of state.

In a letter to the National Commission for the Control of the Electoral Campaign (CNCCEP) revealed by the JDD and which AFP obtained, the Macron camp deplores "a difference in means of communication which does not seem justified to us".

The CNCCEP had judged on March 11 "that, given the characteristics of the use" of the official Twitter account @EmmanuelMacron (7.9 million subscribers), "used for a long time and in a predominant way to relay messages relating to exercise of his functions as President of the Republic", it was "preferable not to use this account to distribute" campaign messages.

Since then, the Macron camp has been using the @avecvous account, created for the presidential election and much less followed (22,000 subscribers).

Low hearing capacity

However, several rivals of the president-candidate continue to use their usual accounts, such as the candidate LR Valérie Pécresse (446,000 followers on Twitter), also president of the Ile-de-France region, or the socialist Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris (1.5 million subscribers).

A situation deplored by the Macron camp, which notes in its letter "that none of the candidates, with the exception of ours, has so far applied" the recommendations of the CNCCEP.

Taking for example the program on TF1 "face à la guerre", where Emmanuel Macron's supporters were "the only ones not to use the personal account" of their candidate, recording an "audience capacity" of 3% , “the weakest of all the candidates”.

In its letter to the CNCCEP, Emmanuel Macron's campaign team therefore "hopes" that the commission's recommendation will now be "applied with the same diligence by all the other candidates who have used their personal account".


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