Today, Saturday, mainland China recorded the first two deaths due to the Corona virus in more than a year, as the government struggles to confront a new wave of the epidemic, at a time when statistics showed that the total number of infections around the world exceeded 467 million cases.

And the National Health Committee of China announced two deaths in the Jilin region, northeastern China, where the number of injuries constitutes more than two-thirds of the total local infections.

China recorded two deaths in all of 2021, with the last case recorded on January 25.

The number of new infections in mainland China decreased to 2,228 yesterday, Friday, compared to 2,416 the day before.

The whole of China is currently witnessing the worst epidemic of the epidemic since its beginning, as President Xi Jinping ordered the day before Thursday to continue the strict "zero Covid" strategy that allowed his country to limit the number of deaths on its soil to less than 5,000 since the beginning of the pandemic.

At a meeting of top Chinese leaders, Xi stressed that his country should "raise the level of scientifically accurate prevention and control and continue to improve disease control measures."

The rapidly spreading Omicron mutant represents a major challenge to the "zero Covid" strategy, which prompted the authorities to impose a closure in several cities, including Schengen, which is a technology center in the south of the country and is home to about 17.5 million people.

A healthcare worker delivers a dose of the vaccine at a health center in Berlin (Getty Images)

Multiple regions

New cases in South Korea fell below 400,000 today, but concerns remain about the fast-spreading mutant Omicron amid the government's move to scrap strict social distancing restrictions.

South Korea recorded 381,454 new infections, bringing the total number of infections to 9,038,928, according to the Korea Agency for Disease Control and Prevention.

The country also recorded 319 new deaths, bringing the death toll to 12,101 cases since the start of the pandemic.

India recorded 2075 new injuries today, bringing the total number of injuries to 43 million and 6080 injuries.

Data from the Indian Ministry of Health showed that 71 new deaths were recorded, bringing the death toll to 516,352 deaths.

In Germany, 260,239 new infections with the Corona virus were recorded today, Saturday, bringing the total number to 18,548,228 cases.

The total number of deaths also increased to 126,867, after 221 new deaths were recorded.

And the latest data available on the American Johns Hopkins University website showed that the total global injuries rose to 467 million and 671 thousand and 421 injuries.

The data also showed an increase in the total deaths to 6 million and 70 thousand and 281 deaths.

And the number of vaccine doses that were administered around the world rose to 10 billion and 772 million and 862 thousand and 375 doses.