(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) A total of 689 cases were reported in Quanzhou, Fujian, and multiple medium and high risk areas were newly designated

  China News Service, Quanzhou, March 19 (Reporter Sun Hong) On the morning of the 19th, Quanzhou, Fujian held the seventh press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic to report the latest situation of local epidemic prevention and control and countermeasures.

From 0 to 24:00 on March 18, Quanzhou added 265 new confirmed cases and 74 asymptomatic infections; a total of 689 cases were reported, of which 456 were confirmed cases (40 ordinary cases, 416 mild cases) and asymptomatic infections. All 233 cases have been "point-to-point" transferred to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment, and their condition is currently stable.

  According to the development of the epidemic, according to experts' research and judgment, from March 19, 2022, Quanzhou has newly designated 4 high-risk areas, including: Dongmei Community, Fengze Street, Fengze District, north to Miaoyun Street, west to Citong South Road , south to Quanxiu Street, east to Pingshan Road and Dongxia Street (river bank) area, Fengze Street Xiahuai Community, Chengdong Street Qiantou Community, Xunmei Community; 9 new medium-risk areas are designated, including: Fengze Street Donghuai Community, Fengze Community, Yingjin Community, Chengdong Street Daitou Community, Donghai Street Yungu Community, Yunshan Community, Fashi Community, Huada Street Huacheng Community, Quanxiu Street Huafeng Community.

  Since March 18, 2022, Quanzhou has newly designated 12 closed control areas, including 11 in Jinjiang, 1 in Nan'an, and 17 new control areas. Among them, the whole area of ​​Shishi City is listed as a control area, and Jinjiang has 17 new control areas. A total of 5 places in Qingyang, Meiling, Chendai, Chidian 4 towns (streets) and part of Xintang are listed as control areas, and 11 new places in Nan'an are listed as control areas.

  In order to block the wider spread of the epidemic in a timely manner, Quanzhou launched a new round of large-scale population nucleic acid testing at 7:00 on March 18. Measures such as sample collection by transfer vehicles and on-site inspection in laboratories have effectively improved the efficiency of nucleic acid detection.

As of 8:40 on March 19, a total of 6.989 million copies have been collected, and 6.2996 million copies have been obtained.

  According to Su Gengcong, deputy commander-in-chief of Quanzhou New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters and deputy mayor of the municipal government, on this basis, we will speed up the tracing of the source of circulation, dispatch 100 more people to enrich the grass-roots circulation team, and comprehensively check the risk personnel. As of March At 24:00 on the 18th, a total of 6,956 close contacts and 8,969 second-close contacts have been investigated, and isolation control measures have been implemented.

  On the 19th, Quangang District, Anxi County, and Yongchun County carried out large-scale population nucleic acid testing.

Su Gengcong said that the next step will be based on the nucleic acid test results on the 18th and 19th to determine whether to carry out a new round of nucleic acid testing.

"Please continue to support so that potential infected people can be screened as soon as possible to stop the spread of the epidemic."

  While fighting against the epidemic with all its strength, Quanzhou has done a good job in ensuring the production and operation of enterprises.

At present, a 24-hour service hotline has been opened. Enterprises who have difficulties can call 12345 or 0595-968871. They can also log in to the Quanzhou government-enterprise direct train website or follow the WeChat public account of the "Quanzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Public Service Platform" to reflect problems and demands.

"We will coordinate and solve the problem as soon as possible." Su Gengcong said that he is stepping up efforts to investigate and sort out the situation of enterprises affected by the epidemic, and timely introduce practical and effective policies and measures to provide more accurate and effective services to help enterprises tide over difficulties and strive to ensure normal production of enterprises. operation.

  At present, Quanzhou's epidemic prevention and control work still faces severe challenges.

Su Gengcong once again called on the general public to increase their awareness of risk prevention and strictly abide by the regulations on epidemic prevention and control.