The proposal to send Russian President Vladimir Putin to Jupiter, who decided to invade Ukraine, raised more than $2 million.

Foreign media such as the Daily Mail on the 17th local time reported that a large amount of money had been raised for a project called 'Send Putin to Jupiter'.

The absurd proposal began in a Twitter post by Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister and Digital Innovation Minister Mikhail Fedorov.

He recently shared a post from Tesla CEO Elon Musk on his Twitter, where he shared a site called 'Send Putin to Jupiter', saying, "Musk can actually send Putin to Jupiter."

This site, which is running a project called 'Send Putin to Jupiter', is raising donations for 'Send Putin to Jupiter' with a goal of 100 million dollars.

If you go to the site, you can see Russian President Putin in a spaceship that is about to depart, with the words "Let's put Putin aboard a rocket and send them far".

Along with this, the site description also states, "I decided to send Putin to Jupiter because Jupiter is the largest and most gaseous planet in the solar system."

A huge amount of $2.12 million (about 2.6 billion won) was donated over the past two weeks to the project on this site. 

But in fact, the purpose of this project is not to 'send Putin to Jupiter'.

With the real purpose of helping Ukraine devastated by the Russian invasion, the site's creator is a Ukrainian government agency, and the logo of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Innovation is engraved at the bottom of the site.

Donations for the project are also managed through an e-government platform (Diia) created by the Ministry of Digital Innovation of Ukraine.

Immediately after the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian government is asking the international community for a lot of help.

The local government also accepts donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and government agencies Twitter regularly introduces official donation sources.

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(, @FedorovMykhailo)