China News Service, Beijing, March 18 (Zhang Su, Xie Yanbing) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference on March 18.

  A reporter asked: US State Department Spokesperson Price said that the US is concerned about Russia's attack on Ukraine's infrastructure and civilian casualties.

However, the Chinese side has not clearly stated its position.

How does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs view the outside world's criticism of China?

  Zhao Lijian: Human life is precious.

Whatever the circumstances, civilian casualties are always distressing and deplorable.

China has been calling for every effort to avoid civilian casualties.

  Everyone still remembers that in March 1999, without the authorization of the Security Council, the US-led NATO flagrantly carried out continuous bombing on the Yugoslavia for 78 days. The bombing killed at least 2,500 innocent civilians and injured about 10,000 people, including Most are civilians.

  Over the past 20 years, the United States has launched tens of thousands of airstrikes in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other places, killing at least 22,000 innocent civilians, and as many as 48,000.

While the U.S. cares about the Ukrainian people, should the U.S. first express its concern about the civilian casualties in the above-mentioned military operations?

  China has always upheld an objective and fair position on the Ukraine issue.

Since the conflict broke out, China has been committed to promoting peace and talks with concrete actions.

China's just stance and constructive efforts are obvious to all, and have won the understanding and support of the international community, especially the vast number of developing countries.

  China has provided Ukraine with urgently needed humanitarian supplies such as food, children's milk powder, sleeping bags, quilts, and moisture-proof mats.

The U.S. side provided lethal weapons.

On March 16, the U.S. announced an additional $800 million in weapons assistance to Ukraine. This week, the total amount of U.S. arms assistance to Ukraine reached $1 billion.

The latest weapons and equipment provided by the United States to Ukraine include 800 sets of air defense systems, 9,000 sets of portable, high-precision anti-armor systems, 7,000 pieces of small arms such as machine guns and grenade launchers, and 20 million rounds of artillery shells and bullets.

  Will the latest US aid bring stability and security, or will it cause more civilian casualties?

For Ukrainian civilians, do they need more food and sleeping bags, or machine guns and shells?

It is not difficult for people with a little rationality and common sense to make correct judgments.