China News Agency, Geneva, March 18. During the 49th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, China and Venezuela jointly held a video side event on the theme of "Systemic Violations of Indigenous Rights in the United States, Canada and Australia" in Geneva on the 18th.

  The meeting played the documentary "Hate of Genocide" on the genocide committed by the United States against the Indians. Jiang Duan, Minister of the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations in Geneva, introduced the "Historical Facts and Real Evidence of the Genocide of Indians by the United States" recently published by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ".

  Jiang Duan pointed out that the United States systematically deprived Indians of their basic rights such as political, economic and cultural rights through massacres, expulsions, and forced assimilation.

The unidentified graves and remains of aboriginal children have been discovered in Canada, and the truth is still unknown.

Australia has historically implemented the "White Australia Policy", which has forced 100,000 Aboriginal children from their families.

At present, indigenous people still face widespread and systematic discrimination and inequality in the above-mentioned countries. The United States, Canada, and Australia should seriously reflect on their mistakes and investigate and hold accountable crimes that violate the rights of indigenous people.

  The Permanent Representative of Venezuela, Rosales said that indigenous peoples in the United States, Canada and Australia have been systematically discriminated against and oppressed for a long time.

These countries frequently accuse and slander developing countries and impose illegal unilateral coercive measures, causing great suffering to the people of the countries concerned.

The international community should continue to pay attention to the violations of human rights by the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries and hold them accountable.

  The Permanent Representative of the DPRK, Han Tae-song, said that the United States, Canada, and Australia carried out brutal genocide against indigenous peoples such as Indians. .

  The representative of Russia pointed out that indigenous people in the United States, Canada, and Australia are still subjected to racial discrimination and injustice in health care, education, housing, social security, etc., and the death rate, juvenile suicide rate and incarceration rate of indigenous people remain high.

The representative of Iran said that the destruction of indigenous identities and cultures by the United States, Canada and Australia is an act of abhorrent cultural genocide.

  Aboriginal priests of the Gube Gubi and Gunn tribes in Australia, Minnicon, and the leader of the Canadian Hormock tribe, Seth, said that the United States, Canada, and Australia have all implemented races as defined in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide against Aboriginal people. extermination.

In order to grab benefits, the Western colonists appropriated the land where the indigenous people lived for generations, plundered natural resources, forced indigenous children into boarding schools for assimilation, and destroyed indigenous languages, education systems and identities. Unbearable, the United States, Canada, and Australia must face up to historical crimes and recognize and protect the rights that indigenous peoples deserve.

  De Zayas, a former independent expert on a democratic and fair international order at the United Nations Human Rights Council, criticized mainstream media and textbooks in the United States for stigmatizing indigenous people and glorifying genocide against indigenous people as a "noble war."

Tian Li, an assistant researcher at Shandong University Law School, said that the US government has always pursued a "double standard" on the issue of genocide, slandering other countries for genocide, but refusing to admit its own crimes against Indians.

The United States refuses to accede to a number of human rights conventions, and its domestic laws also cover up genocide committed by American citizens at home and abroad. It is difficult for the Native American community to seek justice through judicial channels.