Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 18 (Reporter An Bei) The reporter learned on the 18th that the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice requiring further production of important agricultural products such as grain and soybeans, and strive to ensure the production and effective supply of "vegetable basket" products.

  The notice emphasized that all efforts should be made to stabilize the sown area and output of grain.

Firmly uphold the bottom line of ensuring national food security, fully implement the party and government's shared responsibility for food security, strictly assess the food security responsibility system, and stabilize the sown area of ​​grain.

The main production areas should continuously improve the comprehensive grain production capacity, the main sales areas should effectively stabilize and increase the grain self-sufficiency rate, and the production and sales balanced areas should ensure basic self-sufficiency in grain.

  The notice pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously expand the production of soybeans and oilseeds.

Starting this year, the National Development and Reform Commission has supported the construction of soybean oil production bases in some regions in combination with high-standard farmland construction funding channels, and will take the lead in piloting the comprehensive utilization of saline-alkali land and other backup resources in regions with basic conditions for guidance from relevant departments.

The development and reform commissions at all levels should further enhance their work initiative, effectively strengthen the preliminary work of the project, vigorously implement the soybean oilseed expansion action, promote the rational rotation of grain and soybean, and make overall plans to support the coordinated development of grain and oilseeds.

  The notice pointed out that efforts should be made to ensure the production and effective supply of "vegetable basket" products.

Intensify efforts to implement the "vegetable basket" mayor's responsibility system, take the stable production and supply of "vegetable basket" products as an important political task, and ensure that "vegetable basket" products have sufficient supply and stable prices.

Make overall plans for the distribution of vegetable production and distribution, and do a good job in the production of vegetables in the "South-to-North" bases and vegetable production areas in northern facilities, so as to promote the stability of the total amount of vegetables and the balance of the structure.

Pay close attention to the study and judgment of the supply and demand situation of live pigs and the evolution of the pig cycle in the region, and take targeted measures such as government procurement and storage in a timely manner, stabilize the long-term support policy for live pig production, stabilize the basic production capacity, and prevent production fluctuations.

  The notice requires that the construction of agricultural infrastructure such as farmland water conservancy should be continuously strengthened.

It is necessary to do a good job in ensuring the supply and price of agricultural materials such as fertilizers.

On the premise of meeting the requirements of environmental protection and safe production, we will promote the enterprises that have stopped production to resume production and reach production as soon as possible, and try to improve the production and start-up level of enterprises.