On March 17th, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration deployed to strengthen the protection of wild animals such as migratory birds in spring, requiring forestry and grassland authorities at all levels to mobilize all forces to resolutely prevent and combat illegal hunting, trading, business and utilization of migratory birds and other wildlife activities. Ensure the safety of migratory bird migration in spring.

  The State Forestry and Grassland Administration requires that the competent forestry and grassland departments at all levels should scientifically formulate protection plans according to the characteristics and laws of migration of migratory birds in spring, combined with the actual local conditions, carefully deploy protection work, and carefully supervise the implementation.

  It is necessary to comprehensively verify the species, quantity, source and relevant documents of terrestrial wild animals raised, and crack down on illegal use in accordance with the law.

Establish a scientific research and management information exchange, cooperation and interaction mechanism to provide technical services and scientific and technological support for wildlife protection and law enforcement.

Explore the establishment of a wildlife volunteer supervisor system, set up a rewarded reporting platform, and combat and curb illegal activities.

  It is necessary to make full use of the joint meeting system for combating illegal trade in wild animals and plants, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of sales, purchase, utilization, transportation, delivery, import and export, especially online transactions, and offline delivery of terrestrial wild animals and their products.

Give full play to the role of the forest chief system and ecological forest rangers, organize forest chiefs at all levels, especially township and village forest chiefs, to carry out activities of clearing nets, sets, clips and poisonous bait within their own administrative areas; organize ecological forest rangers to do a good job of wildlife Habitat patrol work.

Strengthen contact with power generation (supply) departments, and coordinate with relevant power and power supply companies to install bird anti-collision or warning devices on local lines or wind turbines.

  It is necessary to actively mobilize social forces, organize wildlife protection volunteer teams to carry out migratory bird protection actions, strengthen migratory bird protection publicity and education, and carry out selection of typical deeds of loving and protecting birds.

All provincial forestry and grassland administrative departments and all dispatched agencies of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration should strengthen supervision and supervision, and implement accountability for effectiveness.

(Shi Shaoyu, CCTV reporter from the head office)