"Collaboration of Islamo-leftists" against heir of "Pétain / Hitler in Montoire": the debate between Eric Zemmour and Yannick Jadot on the Russian invasion in Ukraine quickly turned Thursday, to the rat race between the two candidates.

It only took a few minutes for the debate on France 2 between the environmentalist and far-right presidential candidates to turn sour with a very aggressive tone on both sides, with radically opposed positions.

To the question "Is Mr. Putin a war criminal?"

Jadot answered “yes” without hesitation, hoping that the Russian president “and his accomplices” will answer for their actions before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

He accused Eric Zemmour of "serving the soup" for Vladimir Putin.

“All of these are words”, swept Eric Zemmour.

“Are you going to make war on Russia?

For Yannick Jadot: the Europe that his adversary carries "is that of Pétain Hitler at Montoire", an interview between the two leaders in 1940, a symbol of collaboration.

Accusations of sexual assault and threat of defamation

In return, Eric Zemmour recalled that the environmental candidate had treated him as a "service Jew", seeing in him the "face of a racist and an ally of the Islamists", a "collaborator of the Islamo-leftists".

“It was not the deal”, regretted the presenter Léa Salamé while trying to replace the debate on Europe.

Cutting each other off at each argument, the two candidates sent each other their respective convictions, one for undermining the superior interests of the Nation when he was at Greenpeace, the other for incitement to racial hatred.

Yannick Jadot mentioned a hypothetical future conviction of Eric Zemmour accused by several women in the press of sexual assault.

The latter in return threatened to sue him for defamation.

The spectators did not come out any better informed.

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