Just before eight on Thursday evening, the police received an alarm that two men had been stabbed or cut outdoors on Nytorgbacken in Helsingborg.

Police and an ambulance went to the scene and an area has been cordoned off pending a crime scene investigation.

- I can not confirm that it is about knife injuries, you can have other sharp objects or knives, but everything indicates that something like this has been used here, said Rickard Lundqvist, press spokesperson for the police in the South region.

23-year-old deceased

One man is 23 years old and the other in his 35s.

The police website states that the men were taken to hospital by ambulance.

Later in the evening, the 23-year-old man is said to have died as a result of the injuries.

The man's relatives have been notified.

No one has been arrested and the police have drawn up a report of murder and attempted murder.