Appears for the first time at the World Police Summit

“The Ghost” .. a robotic dog that carries out the raid, guards the borders and discovers drugs and explosives

  • Mana’ Al-Mansoori: “(The ghost) has several advantages, as it can withstand difficult climatic conditions, and climb rocks and mountains.”


The pioneers of the World Police Summit at “Expo Dubai 2020” were surprised by a robot in the form of a dog, walking in the corridors of the summit, in a way that aroused the enthusiasm and astonishment of everyone, as it is very similar to the creatures that appear in science fiction films, and it was found that it bears the name “Ghost”, and performs security tasks Complex, including guarding the border, detecting drugs and explosives, their father and storming dangerous places.

The General Manager of Sekoro Security Systems, Mana Al-Mansoori, told "Emirates Today" that the robotic dog is one of the products offered by the citizen company, through the World Police Summit, and represents one of the advanced security solutions to many challenges.

He added that it has several advantages, as it can withstand difficult climatic conditions, climb rocks, mountains and unpaved sandy areas, given that it is made entirely of steel, noting that it is a future model for multi-tasking robots and specializations, and it is currently used by military and police institutions, but it can be expanded The scope of its future use on the home scale, whether in guarding or securing facilities and places.

Al-Mansoori, who was controlling the robotic dog with a device in his hand, indicated that he uses the device inside the exhibition accompanying the summit, but the robot is self-operating, by assigning it specific tasks in certain ranges, so the US border guards use it to secure the US border with Mexico.

He added that it is designed to add modifications to it, such as a sense of smell, so that it can identify drugs and explosives, in addition to avoiding obstacles and barriers, mapping the surroundings in which it is located, and transmitting a complete picture of the accompanying human team, through five advanced thermal cameras, covering 360 degrees of the place. .

He explained that this is the first time that the ghost robot has been shown at the summit, and it is expected to be popular, especially since there is great interest in it in light of the success it has achieved on the practical level.

He explained that the robotic dog was designed by the company "Just Robotic", which specializes in solutions and systems, and the UAE Securo Corporation is its agent in the country, and it is also an agent for Sheila, which specializes in security gates, which is one of the most prominent institutions specialized in this field, and uses its gates in Securing Expo 2020 Dubai.

He pointed out that the ghost robot works in the border areas, according to tasks that are programmed to take care of the border security in an elaborate manner, and it can work for up to four hours without the need to recharge it again.

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